Emile Marot Graders

The precision of the sorting process is obtained by means of a rotating drum whose angle and rotation speed can be changed.

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Emile Marot Pre-Cleaners

The grain enters the rotating drum whose perforations allow the grain to pass through while retaining the large-size waste which exits from the bottom of the drum.

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Elevator Towers

In accordance with the project, elevator tower’s exterior measurements and height are determined.

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Depending on the facility, box profile, brace clamp or pipe construction production.

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SATIG Grain Dryer

Otomatik izleme ekipmanları gibi operasyonel güvenlik özellikleri sayesinde kurutma kontrol birimi içerisine yerleştirilmiş bir nem sensoru ile kolza ve tohum gibi zor ürünlerin kurutulması mümkündür.

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LAW Grain Dryers

Measurement of air temperatures after drying, and the optional dry standpipe and automatic sprinkler system, it is possible to dry difficult products such as rape (by a special program) and seeds.

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