Special design and long-lasting feeding spiral.

Preliminary heating that occurs at the wet product chamber that is manufactured from perforated sheet increases the drying efficiency and ensures that the movements of the grain can be followed.

Easily stretchable storage spiral pulley and easy maintenance.

Throughout the air mixer chambers, the heat and the air are mixed before they enter the drying room.

Developed flame sensor and highly efficient burners.

Durable against excessive loads and high quality industrial IEC class contactors and cutters reduce the assembly time and costs.

Composite polymer fan wings provide the best performance with minimum energy requirements.

For the safety of the facility, safety circuit breaker ratchet door ensures economic assembly and maintenance capability.

Vision control system with touch screen provides ease of use.

Column doors have been designed in a way to allow easy access and cleaning.

AC Meter with varying frequency drive (VFD) ensures the easy flow of the product and prevents blockages.

Custom designed long-lived discharge helix.