Wide Roof Hatches

Wide roof hatch, which has a diameter of 76 cm, ensures that the higher conveyor equipment can be accessed and more air circulation can be obtained during the drying process. Hingeless, galvanized roof hatches of GSI slide over the bars to open and close and this is particularly an easier and safer method for windy weather. Once they are closed, as the upper hatch fits tightly and due to a clamp that is compressed with a spring, it stays closed in a secure way.

Stairs, Safety Cages and Steps

Durable lateral wall stairs, stair cages and platforms ensure easy access while entering the tank, exiting from the tank and while conducting controls. Staircase parts are manufactured from galvanized steel and they are either 22″ (56cm) or 44″ (112cm) long.

All of the stair cages are molded in a galvanized steel mold and they are directly bolted onto the lateral wall staircase that has been previously pierced.

In order to provide easy access while entering and exiting through the stairs, there is a bell-shaped opening under the cage that provides enough space. Both the stairs and the platforms have special precautions against sliding available so that holding on can be easier.

Furthermore, GSI also manufactures roof entrance safety cages and fringe platforms that are offered optionally, and provide extra convenience while working or controlling the roof of the grain elevator.

Easily Accessible Entrance Door

GSI grain elevators open completely without any horizontal bars or belts on the inner panels of the entrance doors that have to be removed or lifted.

The specially designed lever clamps that do not require any keys or tools also increase the opening force of the inner door 20 times more against jamming that would occur due to the grain load.

Among other features, the cap that ensures easy control of the grain and doorframes that have been repaired at the factory, which reduce the assembly times, can be listed.

Highly resistant round entrance door that has a diameter of 24″ is also offered as an optional feature. However, this round door comes as a standard feature for those grain elevators, which are of a certain height and above. Moreover, as another optional feature, galvanized steps can be ordered for those points that are hard to access and door fronts.

Complete Systems

As a manufacturer of complete systems, GSI offers complete product ranges that are comprised of grain storage elevators, conveyor systems and axial-centrifugal fans, oil burners, fan connecting pieces, silo dryer + storage systems, portable and tower type drying machines, bottom scrapers, discharging systems, inner silo mixer spirals and floor ventilation systems.

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