• Emile MAROT Pre-cleaners simply and quickly remove large particles contained in the grain.
  •  The grain enters the rotating drum whose perforations allow the grain to pass through while retaining the large-size waste which exits from the bottom of the drum.
  •  Pre-cleaners are essential for the correct operation of dryers to avoid them fouling up and prevent energy wastage.
  • The choice of perforations is made according to the nature of the grain to be worked, its humidity levels and the properties of the waste to be removed.
  • The initial grids can be used, if necessary to remove small-size waste products.
  • The large surface areas of the grids whose perforations are continually cleared enable flow rates of 35 to 400 tonnes per hour.

The following table summarizes possible equipment combinations: Dust removers on Grid pre-cleaners, Pre-cleaners on dust removers or suction cleaners on pre-cleaners