Quality Policy

Quality Policy


In order to fully address the demands and conditions of our customers, carrying out the processes at every stage without any faults and ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest possible level by minimizing materials, labor force and time loss, form the basis of our quality policy. Within this framework, our primary objective is to develop our activities with regards to storage and conveyor of agricultural and industrial products on a constant basis and carry these activities to a higher levels in order to become one of the first three companies within the national market in five years.

ABP TDS Taşıma Depolama Sistemleri Müh. A.Ş., is aware of the necessity of the participation and support of all of its employees in order to ensure that the quality level has a positive momentum, the efforts to reach the determined quality targets are shown and that these targets can be met without any faults. For this reason, the main principle of our institution is to provide a working environment for our employees that would be satisfactory for them.

Our institution, which is managed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, moves forward prioritizing constant improvement in order to come to a better point in comparison to the past with respect to all aspects.

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